Key Events

A chronology of key historical events: .


September 1,1920 - After the League of Nations grants the mandate for Lebanon and Syria to France, the State of Greater Lebanon is proclaimed. It includes the former autonomous province of Mount Lebanon, plus the provinces of north Lebanon, south Lebanon and the Biqa, historically part of Syria.

 May 23,1926 - The Lebanese Representative Council approves a Constitution and the LebaneseRepublic is declared.


1940 - Lebanon comes under the control of the Vichy French government.


1941 - After Lebanon is occupied by Free French and British troops in June 1941, independence is declared on 26 November.


March, 1943 - The foundations of the state are set out in an unwritten National Covenant which states that Lebanon is an independent Arab country with ties to the West but which cooperates with other Arab states while remaining neutral. The 1932 census which had shown that Christians were 54% of the population is used as the basis for the distribution of seats in the Chamber of Deputies (later to be called the National Assembly) on a ratio of 6 to 5 (later extended to other public offices). The President is to be a Maronite Christian, the Prime Minister a Sunni Muslim, and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies a Shi’i Muslim.



November 22,1943

The president Beshara Khoury and Lebanese Prime Minister Riad Solh were released from detention in Rashaya Castle under political and public pressure. France agreed to grant Lebanon full independence, and since then Lebanese celebrate the National Independence Day on 22nd of November

December 1943 - France agrees to the transfer of power to the Lebanese government with effect from 1 January 1944


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