Lebanon will enter the era of High Definition broadcast with the launching of LBCI HD following the screening of the first prime of Star Academy reality TV show.

With this advancement, LBCI has proven once again its leadership as a pioneer Lebanese channel in the field of high definition broadcast.

To receive the LBCI HD channel, viewers must order the channel with the green logo from Digitek and Econet cable networks.

In case viewers were not able to receive the aforementioned channel, they can follow the Star Academy Reality TV show on the regular platform with a green logo.

The LBCI (green logo) channel can be found on the SD and HD frequencies.

Digitek HD & SD formats: Frequency 12420 – Symbol rate 28175 – Polarization = vertical.

Econet HD & SD formats: Frequency 12480 – Symbol rate 31250 – Polarization = horizontal.


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