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As you can see from the bubbles, ours is the biggest in the Arab World. Out of the 500, 85 are Lebanese (second comes Saudi with 67, and tied for 3rd are Egypt and the UAE at 58). The top Lebanese name might not be familiar to most of us, and he’s Matty Moroun, a construction magnate in the US who owns the only privately-owned bridge between the US and Canada. Familiar names include NASA’s Charles El Achi at 21, Elie Saab at 22, Fairouz at 29, Leila El Solh at 29, Nadine Labaki at 52 and Carlos Ghosn at 86.

This goes to show that despite Lebanon sinking into abysmal lows compared to it’s pre-1975 glory days, Lebanese people, mostly abroad, are still shining in many of the world’s industries. Which begs the question, when will Lebanese folks be able to make the top 500 list without leaving the 10452…

Another awesome bit of information is that 105 of the 500 names are women, which is a record number but far from what we hope for and expect… I hope that in our lifetimes, the number will be closer to 250-250!


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