I love the idea. It’s something you rarely see when doing business in Lebanon: revenue forecasts, share prices, expected cost, etc.
And usually, shares are between friends and existing colleagues, rarely offered to the public in such an accessible manner: Facebook.

I think it’s a really professional spin for a medium-sized business in Beirut trying to raise money without being indebted to a bank, while at the same time guaranteeing their investors either fun times, or a return on their investments depending on what they pledge. It’s sort of like indiegogo, kickstarter, or presella even, where guaranteeing enough rides beforehand and pre-booking will make it possible to hold the event/produce the product/expand a business, plus good-old fashioned investments where you make money in the long run off of helping a company kick off.

If you’re into ATVs, check it out here. Would love to see this model succeed, it’d set a precedent for so many projects that get hung up on fairly small amounts of capital that are hard to come by sometimes, even with a good and sustainable business plan.


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