Last Wednesday marked the launch of LG’s 84” Ultra HD 3D TV in Lebanon. At an event hosted by The Hangout – Gemmayze, the regional marketing manager of LG introduced LG’s first Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, which features an elegant 84” display in stunning 4K, the next generation of TV resolution.


The announcement featured a presentation about the product’s display that boasts pixel resolution 4 times higher than Full HD (3840 X 2160), which makes Full HD (1920 X 1080) look like standard definition.
In addition to picture quality, LG’s Ultra HD TV marvelous Cinema 3D display allows viewers to fine tune the distance between near and far objects on-screen for a custom 3D experience.
The TV features 2.2 speakers system offering powerful audio quality with 3D Sound Zooming that analyzes the on-screen objects to generate sound according to their location and movement. LG’s LED Plus technology provides even greater control of brightness through local dimming, delivering better contrast, amazing clarity, and color detail.


Gamers will love LG’s Dual Play technology, which enables each player to only see his unique point-of-view (in 2D) and across the entire TV screen without being able to see the opponent’s.
No more cheating by peeking at each other’s screens while playing 2-player games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Dual Play works with most current gaming systems or even older consoles as long as it is a split-screen game.

Smart TV

LG’s smart TV got even smarter with Ultra HD, offering LG’s 2D-to-3D conversion feature that can turn everything from cinema classics to TV shows into Ultra crisp 3D.
Also giving access to limitless content, thousands of movies, apps, videos and web browsing all organized in a simple-to-use interface using LG’s unique motion-controlled Magic Remote.
Other features include Smart Share Plus enabling wireless content sharing from a smart phone, Resolution Upscaler that boosts the resolution of original content to a higher resolution, and TruMotion, which reduces motion blur and offers crystal clarity with fast moving scenes.

LG’s 84” Ultra HD 3D TV is available now in Lebanon, with a price tag of 20,000$. 55” and 65” models will be available through 2013; LG promised that this year will be full of surprises, especially in the field of OLED TVs, so stay tuned for the latest news from LG.


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