Lebanon is a famous birthplace of internationally recognized fashion and Haute couture fashion designers.

The tradition of Lebanese fashion industry has its strong roots thanks to the excellence of the old Lebanese tailors who include Hanna Touma, Madame Salha (Raife Salha) and Pierre Katra.

“In terms of Haute Couture Fashion Design worldwide, Paris is number one, Rome is number two and supposedly Lebanon is number three,” says Abed Mahfouz, one of the top five Haute couture fashion designers in Lebanon.

Mahfouz continues: “No one admires or studies fashion like the Lebanese do in this region. We are less conservative and more open-minded than others in the region… Nobody would think of going to Jordan or Syria to find a fashion designer.” The designer also thinks that Lebanese tailors do possess a special talent which is can’t be found elsewhere in the region.

Dresses from Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Basil Soda, Abed Mahfouz and Georges Chakra are being worn by many world stars and artists such as Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift, Kate Beckinsale, Katy Perry – but also by members of different royal families from the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.

 Elie Saab
 Zuhair Murad
 Basil Soda
 Abed Mahfouz
 Georges Chakra
 Rober Abi Nader
 Reem Acra
 Rabih Kayrouz
 Pierre Katra


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